A Word of Caution for 'Managers'

Managers are overseers. While a building is being erected and in the process of making, a craftsman, (be him a painter, a constructor or carpenter, et al) concerned with his job, has nothing doing what's outside his area of expertise.

But, a manager, as mentioned earlier, does nothing artistic as making. He rather- partly- enjoys like a bird, which sits on wetty , greeny branches of morning tree, and sees the night and sun shuffle and replace each other. And partly does he enjoys the taste of directorship. All of you have become enough mature to repeat such trite phrases, half asleep, as to what a manager exaclty does (rather much abstractly). Decision-making (don't yawn) is directorship, and their sole-business.

Enough of wandering. For my intelligent readers are still focused on to hear an admonition? Yes, it is one.
Behind your noses (don't turn back) are 'ventromedial prefrontal cortexes'. An area that plays critical role in making decisions. Thereby, Managers! you are instructed not to play with your noses as Mr. Bean or circus-stuntmen do.

Here it the visulization:

If, it is damaged or paralysed a person loses all abilities of taking decisions. He may become a great philosopher- not a manager. (Some literary critics believed that Hamlet, of Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet', had had this. However, it wasn't so, some justify. No matter what. Lesson is: because of Hamlet's habit of reflecting a lot, while avioding action, he brought his own destruction. For more details read: "Hamlet" by Shakespeare.)


Making business:

Suppose, we work in a medicine-making company in product department and are a part of cross-functional team with research & development department. We hire medical scientists. We direct them to carry out a research on how VMPFC gets damaged or paralysed; which type of persons in certain enviornments are likely to get it damaged; what's its importance to tough decision making professions or professionals and so on. Finally, how we cure or prevent it. Invent the medicine. Leave what they do then. Here, allow me to answer, why I hit upon this idea and what's it got to do with your business studies. Reasons are twofold:
Number one: CEOs of big companies, high government officials, military heads - they are worth billions or themselves billionares. And, they decision-making factories. If our research clicks and shows that they need it...... We might share their luxuries at a point in time.
Number two: simply because its a business thing.

By Muhammad Umer Toor, 18-11-08.

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!