Access to Power

If you're not born into a place or happen to study somewhere that has direct access to corridors of power and greatness (of political and technical superiority), then at certain age you stop dreaming or even having a vision of being captain of the ship (ie the world). Yet how near the access can be eludes our well tamed mind. Steve Jobs realised early (before becoming Apple's CEO again) that the world outside him was not smarter than him. Conversely, we live on same crust of earth and breathe same air that 'masters' breathe. But why do it rarely happens for underdogs, poor and powerless to break new grounds? It isn't simply a history of lack of resources. It may well be lack of vision.

Al Qaeda has got some smart people in its analysis team. No matter how much I dislike them, they know how to play the game. They used American's superiority and turned it into their weakness by drawing them into the pit of hell called Afghanistan by a single act of destroying two buildings. So many stones and metal is destroyed on a daily basis. So many die every die. But it was their vision and understanding of their enemy that despite having no army of their own they dragged the Empire and pricked it with death of its 2000+ expensive killing men and just a trillion dollar.

My concern however is simply that I have lack of belief about being in the shoes of say Obama, Bill Gates, or terror monster such as Baghdadi (alumni of American prison in Iraq).

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MuddleHead Signs Off!!

MuddleHead Signs Off!!