"Tragedy of Morals and Birth of Science in the West"

Dr Asad Zaman, Islamic International University, Islamabad, is writing a research paper on the topic quoted in this post's title. Below, I'd produce the abstract and sources, and link to the page from where I got this open information. you may like to comment or write Dr. Zaman about it (at
Tragedy of Morals and Birth of Science in the West
(under preparation) (by Asad Zaman)
Abstract: How Birth of Science in conflict with religion gave strong methodological bias to the way science was viewed in the West. In particular, the exaggeration of the potential of science of settling ethical, moral and human problems led to a very distorted foundation for social sciences. The social sciences have been ideologically constituted in the sense that they were based on false beliefs about what the physical sciences are. The upshot is that there is room for a thoroughgoing revolution in the received ideas of science natural and social (quote from Manicas).
It is only after such re-organization that room for a reasonable foundation for Islamic Economics would emerge. In this paper, we hope to provide such foundations.
Peter Manicas: A History and Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Part I: details historical circumstances that led to an easy victory for empiricism/positivism even though realist alternatives were available
Part II: Details special circumstances leading to emergence of modern social sciences in USA.
Hans Kung: Does God Exist?
Himmelfarb: De-Moralization of the West.
Tawney: Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
Reuben, Julie: The Making of the Modern University: Intellectual transformation and the marginalization of morality. 1996 University of Chicago Press.
Read his paper On Improving Social Science Education in Pakistan and The Origins of Western Social Science to get insight into the thought of Dr. Zaman.

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